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Re: page consistency...

From: Scott Stevenson
Subject: Re: page consistency...
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:39:33 -0800

On Feb 5, 2004, at 3:30 PM, Alex Perez wrote:

2. I don't want to offend whoever wrote them, but the "About GNUstep" and "Mission Statement" pages feel weird to sounds like someone is
having a conversation with you, and seems way too casual of a way to
convey this information.

I largely agree with this. There are pros and cons to formality. You can obviously go too far in either direction -- too stuffy on one side, too chatty on the other.

I think the biggest issue in the "about" section is that the conversation format makes it hard to scan quickly. The main offender is probably the first paragraph, where GNUstep is defined as several different things. :)

Maybe something like:

GNUstep is a cross-platform, open source development toolkit that is centered around the OpenStep API originally created by NeXT (now Apple Computer, Inc). The development environment consists of development tools, object-oriented frameworks and leverages the Objective-C language support built into the
        standard distribution of gcc.

And then continue on into the stuff about Cocoa in a similar voice. Just throwing suggestions out here.

rewording it in a slightly more professional/distanced manner.

Just an extra perspective on this -- while the 'distanced' voice tends to command more respect, I think you can actually lose contact with the reader if you go too high up on mount olympus. :)

Again, just thinking out loud.

   - Scott

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