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Breaking up makeicecat into functions

From: R Moog
Subject: Breaking up makeicecat into functions
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 13:28:46 +0200


I'm working towards packaging IceCat 68 from git in Gentoo. I've managed to package 60.7.0 before, but I want to remove that version from src_prepare-overlay because that version requires dev-lang/rust-1.37.0, which is no longer available. Offering packages that require nonexistent dependencies gives us a lot of bad QA ratings.

While trying to package IceCat 68, I've ran into 2 issues and I'd like to discuss one of them in this email. I'm having a hard time reading through the makeicecat script. It's really long and I'd like to help myself by breaking it all up into functions that are then called from a main function at the end, much like a C program. This would nicely describe what the script does in what order and in brief terms, with increasing abstraction towards the end of it.

Is this change welcome, or am I only servicing myself?
If it is, how can I contribute that?

Best regards,

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