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Re: Breaking up makeicecat into functions

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: Breaking up makeicecat into functions
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 13:01:40 -0400
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Hello Michał,

> While trying to package IceCat 68, I've ran into 2 issues and I'd like to
> discuss one of them in this email. I'm having a hard time reading through
> the makeicecat script. It's really long and I'd like to help myself by
> breaking it all up into functions that are then called from a main function
> at the end, much like a C program. This would nicely describe what the
> script does in what order and in brief terms, with increasing abstraction
> towards the end of it.
> Is this change welcome, or am I only servicing myself?
> If it is, how can I contribute that?

Generally-speaking I'd be in favour of such a change, and it would be a
welcome contribution.  Though, the specifics probably need some work and
possibly a few revisions to arrive at the best outcome.

As for how to contribute it, if you don't have any specific questions
and/or requests for clarification at this point, please prepare and send
a patch to our bug tracker at address@hidden, so that it gets
assigned a bug number.  We can then continue the discussion in the patch
thread itself, or here if needed, but not both.

> Best regards,
> Michał


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