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[Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.95, created. rel

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.95, created. release-2.95
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:35:59 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-2.95 has been created
        at  4685aad909f6ebea7c6f127ccae0a5363521b248 (tag)
   tagging  9cd56c55c9604cafe100a1e58a72e2c5016ff372 (commit)
  replaces  release-2.94
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Tue Jul 13 19:34:34 2010 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged for external release 2.95
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Alban Browaeys (1):
      Fixes for previous Bluetooth code.

Beat Bolli (5):
      Prevent a warning when compiling with --disable-oldstyle
      Fix AIVDM channel error message.
      Allow to set the gpspipe timestamp format
      Move a null test to harden the logic.
      regress-driver fixes

Bernd Zeimetz (59):
      Use --root on install only with DESTDIR. takes -v as option, not -w.
      __set_device__ is define in next(), not in the class.
      Make verbose mode of actually work.
      regress_driver needs the Python modules to run.
      Rebuild Python modules and programs when they change.
      There are utf8 chars in the file, so let Python handle them. Make next() work at all.
      Return the length of the data in read().
      MAKE is needed when is running the clean command.
      libgpsd needs to be linked against libgps.
      Rename stamp-python-modules to stamp-python.
      Comment the Python related rules and definitions.
      Typo fix.
      Make make silent during versoin detection from
      Yet another typo fix. Thanks to lintian :)
      Use the proper Python version and targets for epydoc.
      Add a note to INSTALL about dhclient/ntpd issues.
      Suggest to use dpkg-reconfigure -plow gpsd.
      Replacing xgpsspeed with the new version written in Python.
      Add xgps.1/xgpsspeed.1 to manpages in
      Merge branch 'new-xgpsspeed'
      Remove xaw and friends from build requirements in INSTALL.
      Check for QT4 using pkgconfig.
      Remove useless 'enabling x11' message from configure.
      Add necessary functions to print library version info from Makefile.
      Bring into a usable shape for !win32.
      Add various python/qt build output files to .gitignore.
      Update xgpsspeed manpage entry.
      libQgpsmm: Use simple wrappers around the .c files.
      Update .gitignore.
      xgps/xgpsspeed are Python programs now, update manpage handling.
      Minor cleanups in libQgpsmm/
      Build QT library.
      Fix copy&paste error - give libgps a proper version again.
      Build test_qgpsmm to test the QT library.
      Enhance QT library build to look into $srcdir.
      Mention pkg-config as necessary in INSTALL.
      Add test_qgpsmm to .gitignore.
      Exclude .git and .gitignore instead of *git*.
      Refactor check for QT, adding --disable-libQgpsmm as option.
      Add for mingw.
      Add stripped version of gpsd_config.h for mingw.
      CLean up the win32 parts of
      Create and ship necessary files for the mingw build.
      Include created version.h in libQgpsmm/mingw/gpsd_config.h.
      Building gpsd_maskdump.c requires gpsd.h.
      Minor fixes to make the libQgpsmm build work on all platforms.
      Fix check for xsltproc.
      Explain libQgpsmm in libgpsmm.3 and add a refname.
      Enhance the libQgpsmm build process.
      Revert "Draw the sky view using Cairo instead of GDK"
      Read sysconfig file in hotplug wrapper.
      Add USBAUTO option to the rpm sysconfig file.
      Update init script from latest debian package.
      Add a check for pkg-config to
      echo -e is a bashism, removing it from
      Add a sanity check to ensure that mktemp is in $PATH.
      Remove .la files in rpm spec file as requested by Michael R. Davis.

Chris Kuethe (8):
      fix read past end of array. from cppcheck
      setuid is better for dropping privileges
      a bit of armor for variable length packet decodes
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      sample raw data extraction
      Start of an italk raw data extractor
      more flag definitions
      Add a note about Jackson Labs Firefly

Eric S. Raymond (205):
      Version bump to 2.95~dev, commits are open.
      Give gpsfake a way to prepare gpsd for graceful shutdown.
      Typo fix. All regression tests pass, codebase splints clean.
      regress-driver reports elapsed time.
      Actually shut the daemon down when quit-on-quiesce requires it.
      gpsfake no longer relies on timeouts.  All regression tests pass.
      No more write padding in gpsfake. either.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Clear DOPs only when we get a skyview report.
      Incorporate latest version of CIA hook.
      Typo fix.
      Another update.
      Back off the last change to to make regressions pass again.
      Typo fix.
      More Python client partitioning. All regression tests pass.
      Yet more Python-client refactoring. All regression tests pass.
      Typo fix.
      A step towards a website-update hook.
      The module can broadcacst on UDP rather than using a pty.
      Log NTP link activation after, not before.
      Fix a delegation error.
      ais::// sources become tcp:// sources.
      Commit an omitted test file.  This goes with the UDP broadcast support.
      Display expx and epy rather than eph.
      Use of EMIX isn't actually a bug, given the DBUS format.
      Range of supported AIS message types is broader now.
      Give up on RTCM2 repack support. It's broken, and unlikely ever to be 
      Remove obsolete FIXME.
      Remove obsolete FIXME. All regression tests pass.
      Remove obsolete FIXME.
      Fix minor bug introduced by recent refactoring.
      udev rules moved from /etc/udev to /lib/udev.
      Documentation update.
      Hide the wire protocol a bit more effectively.
      Remove a dependency on the oldstyle compatibility shim.
      Simplify the test productions for udev.
      Add a sanity check.
      Add ET-332 to the supported-devices list. All regression tests pass.
      Simplify some dispatcher code, and possibly fix a bug.
      Rearrange some code for clarity. All regression tests pass.
      Rename a logfile to reflect what's actually in it.
      Minimize upload time.
      Upload website content only when it is newer than last upload.
      Document the just-added UDP facility in gpsfake.
      Always compute speed when that's possible and the GPS doesn't supply it.
      Restore interpretation of Serial: headers inb test loads.
      Removed RPM spec modification history that doesn't actually pertain to 
the spec.
      Extend AIS idempotency test coverage.
      Extended AIS idempotency test coverage to messages 22, 23, 24.
      Remove obsolete FIXME.
      Reindent.  All regression tests pass.
      FIXME -> FIX-ME, so I can walk through these without tripping over 
      Remove obsolete FIX-ME, we understand their calculations better now.
      Remove another obsolete FIX-ME.
      Deal with a FIX-ME, make labels right-aligned.
      Clean up HTML generation, eliminating a FIX-ME.
      Remove obsolete FIX-ME.
      Address Berlios tracker bug #17098: wrong day of week in log message.
      TODO polishing.  All regression tests pass.
      Extract raw data from Evermore (untested).  All regression tests pass.
      Document a useful trick so I don't have to keep reiventing it.
      Document the fact that AISHub requires permission.
      Typo fixes and documentation tweaks.
      A long step towards reading UDP packets.
      Prevent an unlikely (but possible) fd leak.  All regression tests pass, 
code splints clean.
      Typo fix.
      Shutdown fails on a UDP socket.
      Reading from udp:// listening addresses works.  All regression tests pass.
      Improved decoding for Supplemental Timing Packet.
      Implement a -u switch to force the test framework to use UDP, not ptys.
      NUL-terminate write to control socket to avoid junk in log messages.
      Stop trying to special-case terminating whitespace in gpsd_report().
      Oops...\n *has* to be special-cased, it turns out.
      Instrumentation and refactoring.
      Packetize Ashtech $PAHSRs correctly despite embedded binary content.
      Improved instrumentation.
      Dead-code removal.
      Sanity-check things that look like responses better.
      Had to rebuild ac12_binary check because the packetization has been fixed.
      Eliminate some uses or ERROR_IS.
      Magic-number elimination.
      Allow recovery from failed read of partial packet.
      Make gpsfake detect when it pulls a 0-length packet from a logfile.
      Remove code to terminate gpscat on bad packet.
      Make packet sniffer pass packets with bad checksums with type BAD_PACKET.
      splint cleanup.
      Minor TSIP fix by Joe Davidson.
      Documentation improvements.
      Prevent gpsdecode from seeinmg uniinitialized stack garbage.
      Replace a broken AIS type 8 test with a known-good one from Kut Schwehr.
      Visibility scope reduction for some AIS context.
      C AIS decoder now has separate contexts for A and B channels.
      Clean up a mangled comment.
      Better detection of mangled checksums.
      Complete privious change.  Required rebuilding of three regressin tests.
      Teach to ignore USCG metadata following a checksum.
      Document a limitation.
      Maintain separate payloads for A and B channels.
      Add Nirgal's tests for bad packet and AIS channel multiplexing.
      Make AIVDM driver returnb false on truncated sentences.
      Add Qt detection to the autoconf build.
      Introduce xmllint check.
      In AIS message types 6 and 8, split app_id into DAC and FID per ITU-1371.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd is no more.
      Document recent developments.
      The gpsmon bug was probably a result of bogus packets from the lexer.
      The DAC/FID mod was incomplete, but a stale file slipped through.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Refactoring step.
      Typo fixes.
      Join Type 21 name extension field to name.
      Avoid truncating dumps of short-form type 15 and 16 messages.
      Correct AIS idempotency test for DAC/FID change.
      Fix AIS type 15 decoding and add a new test from Kurt Schwehr.
      Document some needs.
      Clarification of some message length and padding issues.
      Typo fixes.
      New section: Interaction with AIVDM padding.
      Harden AIS driver against malformed or overlong messages.
      splint cleanup.
      Comment fix.
      XXX -> FIX-ME: Avoids false matches with autoconf cruft.
      Portability cleanup for endianness.
      A simpler way to avoid endianness problems.
      Splint and compiler-message cleanup. All regression tests pass.
      Update docs and website.
      Document a bug.
      Remove duplicated inclusion.
      Cleaan up completed or obsolwsced TODO items.
      Minor bug in AIS sixbit decoding pointed out by Nirgal: 39 -> "'", not 
      Rebuild AIVDM regressions to gpon with last commit.
      Switch the CSV format emitted by gpsdecode(1) to DSV using |.
      The last change in gpsdecode was not entirely correct.  Fixes from Nirgal.
      Update some status comments.
      Whitespace fix. on every device, not just the last one active.
      Refactoring step.  Simplify the device-polling loop.
      Coalesce two loops over the subscribers array.  All regression tests pass.
      Refactoring step.  All regression tests pass.
      Another refactoring step, eliminate the separate report_fix variable.
      More report refactoring.  All regression tests pass.
      More cleanup and refactoring of the main device-polling loop.
      Almost pure refactoring; suppresses duplicative DBUS sends.
      Splint cleanup.
      Refactoring step. All regression tests pass.
      Refactor RTCM handling.
      Add a roadmap item for future consideration.
      Add JOSM/LiveGPS as a client project.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Backing out the 16-byte read limit, as it breaks the regression tests.
      Typo fixes.
      Add a new regression test for the Qstarz BT-Q818.  All regression tests 
      Fix website build in the xsltproc case.
      Fix up the BT-Q818 database entry.
      Introduce a dummy block in order to minimize forward diffs.
      Fix for the mutipacket bug.
      Following the multipacket fix, all tests now pass without write padding.
      Remove a C99ism.
      Rip out grubby code from a previous attempt to fix the multipacket 
      More detail on USCG PAWSS messages.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Reintroduce write padding in hopes of making the test suite work under 
      Splint cleanup. All regression tests pass.
      Use re-entrant open in the C examples.
      Use gps_open_r() in gpsctl.
      Splint cleanup. All regression tests pass.
      Introduce the gps_read() entry point and use it internally.
      Typo fix.
      Comment fixes and clarifications.
      Incorporate the tesults of a test by Greg Troxel (comment fix only).
      Refactoring step.  All regression tests pass, code splints clean.
      Comment fix.
      Add instrumentation.
      Enable the daemon lower layer to pass up a distinct return for 9-byte 
      Correct some erroneous IS8061 formating.
      Add code to recover from false lock to Garmin Simple Text mode.
      Add regression test for the Bluenext BN-9015.
      Comment fix.  All regression tests pass, code splints clean.
      Remmoval of redundant code.
      Recover from zero-length reads.
      Remove error returns that could lead to spuriors device hangups.
      Previous commit requires a test-suite rebuild.
      Avoid returning a random validity mask.  All regression tests pass.
      Remove a kluge in the regression-test driver.
      Make the diff output from the regression driver a bit easier to read.
      Slightly clearer trap statements.  All regression tests pass.
      Configuration machinery for enabling BluZ support.
      Merge experimental BluZ support.  Code is not yet enabled or tested.
      We can't hand off to geoclue yet, it's not stable enough.
      Fix an error in how AIS rate-of-turn decoding was done.
      Typo fixes and one very minor update.
      Added a FAQ entry on coping with fixed-baud-rate devices.
      Markup fixes.
      Minor clarification about string encoding.
      Add TomTom Mark II to product database and regression tests.
      Product database update - add Geos-1M.
      Add Venus 634LP to product database and test logs.
      Admit to schedule slippage.
      Add a to-do item.
      Documentation update.
      Stop ignoring *.log files, it's too confusing.
      Added NAVIOR-24 product entry and test file.
      Add docuimentation and test loads for the Firefly-IIa.
      External release 2.95.

Gary E. Miller (9):
      Ckean up Garmin driver.
      Document gpsprof -v, allow > 1 level of verbosity with -vv and -vvvv.
      Patch to make gpsprof use the same -D as the other gpsd helper programs.
      Missing \n in some debug statements.
      In gpsprof, put CEP on top of the individual fixes.
      Revert last patch on layering of plot data.
      Tweak the NTP offset for SiRF when using USB.
      Tweak the NTP offset a bit more for SiRF.
      Add some sanity checking when getting dates from NMEA.

Graham Gower (1):
      fix configure test for libusb

Greg Troxel (5):
      Don't use non-standard %N with date +.
      Use for loopback tests.
      Set CLOSE_DELAY to 1 second.
      Fix wordo from previous edit.
      Remove --exclude in am__tar.

Jon Schlueter (9):
      NEWS: Whitespace cleanup
      Whitespace and indenting cleanup.
      add tags and .kdbrc.* files to .gitignore
      cleanup patch
      spelling correction in comment libgpsd_core.c
      convert sirf_ntp_offset to single return only
      Limit reads in packet_get to 16 bytes.
      patch to keep gpsmon from crashing on unchecked data from sirf
      add GPSD_HOME environment variable support to gpsfake

Julien BLACHE (1):
      Draw the sky view using Cairo instead of GDK

M Joonas Pihlaja (1):
      Speed up the test suite by killing the daemon faster.

Michael R. Davis (1):
      This patch has the changes needed for RPM packaging.

Nirgal (3):
      Prevent gpsdecode from emitting messages with garbage data when length is 
      Nirgal's AIVDM fix patch from the dev list, 2010-05-18.
      Make sure 24A and 24B aivdm sentences are correctly aggregated.

Robin Wittler (1):
      xgpsspeed: add optparse to use cmdargs



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