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[Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.93, created. rel

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: [Gpsd-commit-watch] [SCM] GPSD annotated tag, release-2.93, created. release-2.93
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:35:59 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GPSD".

The annotated tag, release-2.93 has been created
        at  3cef1d98632aa9b024bf474815d1b0623e564de6 (tag)
   tagging  642dea5aaf2d420728a20c3c903b7d7ddff2733f (commit)
  replaces  subversion-cutover
 tagged by  Eric S. Raymond
        on  Fri Apr 16 13:31:30 2010 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged for external release 2.93
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Beat Bolli (5):
      Fix Pythonism in gpsd.php
      Website updates.
      Update xgps screen shots.
      Add JSON output to gpsd.php
      Generate a JSON error if GPSd is unresponsive

Bernd Zeimetz (14):
      Add git configuration and hooks.
      Use cgit urls for cia instead of gitweb.
      Fix two spelling mistakes in the libgps manpage.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      List proper documentation filename in flock-sites.ini
      Add missing autofoo build-dependencies.
      Add new flock host.
      Fix json documentation in INSTALL
      Use to install python scripts.
      Use  --root=$(DESTDIR) as option to install.
      regress-driver: Use build directory.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      regress-driver: Simplify PATH/PYTHONPATH evaluation.
      Make regress-driver posix-compatible.

Chris Browet (1):
      Internals of Qt support.

Chris Kuethe (43):
      Use superstar2 as example of adding a new driver
      Use superstar2 as example of adding a new driver
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Make the JSON POLL response parse correctly
      Add crosshairs to the sky plot
      Silence compiler warning.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      remove excess semicolon
      update gpsd.php to use JSON POLL command
      Actually show the Google map if enabled
      Output the non-decodable JSON in the error message
      Add a note about making gpsd.php work with Suhosin
      Use the current query syntax in the description
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Get rid of $GPS global. Mostly from Beat Bolli
      fix charset
      Use the correct coordinates in the title
      Include the configuration only once
      Allow to disable the form to change the server
      "magic" was dumb - use more descriptive name
      only update this timer when polling tracking status
      slightly more robust rstrip
      break; to the right place if skyview data is bad
      Increase size of output buffer
      Document script args
      char sign warnings
      char sign warnings
      char sign warnings
      fix compile with tsip disabled
      gpsdecode depends on rtcm2, rtcm3 and aivdm
      compass mode does not depend on aivdm
      compile with nmea off but sirf and garmintxt on
      move declaration before use
      compile with ubx on and nmea off
      don't set error bit if subframe doesn't parse
      ubx refactoring, from esr
      thrashing at the 50bps decoder.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      easier to trace the generic subframe decoder
      A note about the way UBX transmits NAV data
      remove word-specific parity checks
      reject RXM_SFRB packets with bad preamble
      a bit of eyecandy

Eric S. Raymond (424):
      Remove some Subversion-dependent things.
      Eliminate more Subversion tracks...
      Vanish away Id and Rev $ keywords, git won't expand them to anything 
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Make clear who has standing for the GPSD Project copyrights.
      git switchover is accomplished.
      Tweak a date.  This is a test of the CIA hook.
      Task of future passed.
      Address Debian bug #573752 (mode sometimes missing from JSON.
      Make xgps robust against JSON with no time field.
      Make the library default to new protocol rather than old.
      Update documentation.  All regression tests pass.
      We no longer keep vendor docs in the tree.
      Add tangogps as a client project.
      Set up more file ignores for generated files.
      Fix more Subversion assumptions.  Documentation change only.
      Teach the TSIP driver to flip to SiRF mode when it sees a SiRF packet.
      A close() method for the C++ binding.
      Minor corrections.  Bump version to 1.23.
      Documentation/readability tweaks
      Create a script to upload pieces of git configuration from the repo 
      Simplify the release procedure.
      Clean up some ignores.
      The repo config upload script is working.
      Housekeeping: Enable diff.mnemomicprefix on the repo.
      Revert "Housekeeping: Enable diff.mnemomicprefix on the repo."
      Document upload.
      Change the REVISION format to be VCS-independent.
      Add database entry for Variotek BT-204 (and Skytraq Venus 6 chipset)
      bzed, your build-directory flag broke my test build...
      Fix a broken link.
      We now understand NMEA status fields better. Document appropriately.
      Use blessed-by-POSIX date -u rather than non-portable date --utc.
      Transmission of USCG LORAN-C signals was terminated at 2010-02-08T2000Z.
      Drop staging buffers for fix information from channel level to device 
      Drop the application of error modeling to the device level, too.
      Dead-code removal.
      Restrict usage scope of the fixbuffer private member.
      Clean up a function signature.
      Add a utility for patching the comments in local commits.
      Make git ignore Emacs backup files.
      Remove a one-word remnant of old protocol.
      gpsd.c no longer needs to use the classmap, so restrict its visibility.
      Dead code removal (led to a small glitch in the capability display).
      Refactor, splitting the device-awakening code out of assign_channel()
      Cosmetic tweak. All regression tests pass.
      Eliminate a use of allocation_filter()
      Comment fixes.  All regression tests pass.
      Pure refactoring step, inline some code. All regression tests pass.
      Code simplification.  All regression tests pass.
      In assign_channel(), factored the device open out of the search loop.
      Finally get the device open where we want it, in the awaken() function.
      Channels are gone, but privileged_user() is stubbed out and needs to be 
      privileged_user() works again.
      Abolish some unnecessary static declarations.
      Fix minor bug in command error reporting.
      First cut at code for a query of the cached fixes.
      Improved formatting of the POLL response.
      Document experimental POLL command and response, bump protocol version to 
      Tweak some DocBook meta headers to quiet down the build.
      Add a safety check to the editcomment script.
      Update web pages, add Ohloh widgets.
      Cosmetic tweaks and a minor news update.
      Blow the dust off valgrind-audit and make it work again.
      Experimental merge of 2008 version of
      sendmail invocation in needs an absolute path.
      Thinko fix.
      Document the variables a bit better.
      Last commit broke something, do partial revert.
      More explanatory comments.
      Attempt to isolate the bad change.
      Syntax error found.
      Make this closer to autoconfiguring.
      Find out what it looks like when we send CIA the revision.
      Add files display to CIA hook.
      Highlight the remaining bashism.
      More autoconfiguration.
      Another attempt at autoconfiguring the repo name.
      Improve pathname handling for sendmail.
      Perform bashectomy.
      Add an autoconfigurability tweak that bzed missed.
      More removal of bashism.
      Factor out the generator string.
      First cut at Python version of CIA hook.
      Python CIA hook works.
      Eliminate some bashisms.
      start-kismet is obsolete (relies on old protocol); remove it.
      LSB compliance; don't allow running do_start() or do_stop() as non-root.
      More LSB compliance.
      Add an item on improving fix/time accuracy to the FAQ.
      gps_poll() now indicates when the daemon socket closes from the other 
      Give case a break.  All regression tests pass; code solints and cppchecks 
      Add a FAQ entry describing the lossage on sleep/wakeup.
      Suppress JSON reporting of fields the fix quality won't support.
      Add Hamish's note about datum divergence to the FAQ.
      FAQ improvement suggested by Greg Troxel.
      Fix gpsdecode compilation when one of the rtcm104 versions is disabled.
      www directory doesn't currently carry any PDFs, avoid a warning message.
      Mention new features in NEWS.
      Change the -l option of gpsmon so it enable logging at srartup.
      Duh, it's embarrassing when the bug is in your unit test...
      Add configure switch to enable/disable IPv6 support.
      Cope gracefully with failed read of JSON object. Suggested by Don Weeks.
      Start of refactoring to handle update case.
      Show shortened version of refname in log.
      Make a call with three or more arguments mean something useful.
      Change the way is called, should speed up multi-commit updates.
      Improvements to FAQ entries on accuracy.
      Documentation improvements and license change.
      Document the formatting options better.
      Oops...get the language right.
      Typo fix.
      Eliminate a shell-ism.
      Attempt fix for oceanserver support not compiling.
      Version-stamp both ciabot scripts.
      Typo fixes
      Use a no-reply from address.
      Typo fix and a bit of new information.
      Fix Oceanserver build.
      Attempt to fix up the data format.
      Avoid a spurious error in a probably impossible case.
      ciabot.h doesn't have to live here anymore.
      Fedora linker port change, suggested by Miroslav Lichvar.
      Update NEWS.
      Simplify the checksum computation for Superstar2.  All regression tests 
      Furthr simplification of Superstar2 checksum code.  All regression tess 
      Fix embarrassing error in AIS Type 17 interpretation.
      devtools/ had a Type 17 bug, too - wrong length of spare field.
      Three bits have to be removed from the data vector, too.
      Fix more path dependencies.
      Endianess issue fixed.
      Make POLL dump skeyview as well as fixes.
      Merge "make testregress" with "make check".
      Remove a dot dependency.
      New sections added to NMEA.txt on error status indications and satellite 
      Attempt to fix up the POLL response format.
      Split out some functions from gpsd_json.c that are used by libgps.
      Remove some fossil artifacts.
      Stop shipping a notofication when a device is awakened.
      Add the GPSD Client HOWTO to the documentation.
      Add some mention of AIS operation.
      Using WATCH_NEWSTYLE makes a poor example now that NEWSTYLE is the 
      String constant fixes for POLL response.
      More POLL response syntax fixes.
      Temporarily remove whitespace stripping.
      Eric is coding with too little sleep today. "while" != "if".
      Correct some whitepace stripping in ERROR response generation.
      Avoid potential OOB in a pathological case.
      Note in INSTALL that Python is required for build but not to run.
      Address Berlios bug #17034: BUFSIZ too small with some compiler
      Separate "make testregress" from "make check" again.
      Safety patch suggested by Jon Schlueter.
      Add some documentation on the Qt build.
      Put some Qt port files in the right place.
      In the wake of Greg's fix, re-merge "make check" with "make testregress".
      I fail.  Last commit caused "make check" to have recursive fits.
      Factor out a little function to initiaslize the packet tester properly.
      Ensure that the ISGPS state is always reinitialized on each packet_test() 
      First version of flock-test framework.
      Git name and mailto address need to be passed to flockdriver separately.
      Give up on setting up commit access from the flock repos.
      flockdriver can now create and update flock repos.
      Abuse CIA to carry our notifications.
      Arrange for entire test logs to be created in the right place.
      Add report of time reference instability on loss of fix.
      First successful CIA notification from flockdriver.
      flocktest/flockdriver appear to be filly working.
      Enable full testing from floctest, and background the remote execution.
      Put in some locking so users can't start two overlapping tests running.
      Alas, different users' test logs can step on each other.
      This version at least gets the locking right.
      Factor out project-specific strings.
      Emission of test log moves down to flockdriver.
      Logging improvement.
      Add foreground option for debugging.
      Actually close the daemon socket in a library close()
      Refactored backgrounding logic.
      Typo fixes and refactoring.
      Unify logging and locking.
      Full testing is available and working, time to announce.
      Typo and documentation fixes.
      Tyo and arch tag fix.
      Documentation improvement.
      Upper level of -k mode works, something's wrong lower down.
      Added -N option and rationalized option handling.
      Make -x option work.
      Key-installation mode finally works.
      Cosmetic changes, meant to make theuse of some variables more clear...
      Force Python Emacs mode in places where appropriate.
      Improved comment.
      Reduce odds of port collisions when running gpsfake.
      Make the regress-driver safe for running concurrently.
      A permissions kluge is gone; the testregress driver no longer writes 
      Use /tmp consistently for the regression tests.
      Additions to history.
      Added "status" attribute to flock entries.
      Temporarily disable bzed's flock site due to vserver issues.
      Rip out backgrounding stuff, we can do better with local threads calling 
      flocktest now uses threading and no longer needs to background 
      Update documentation.
      Generare the agen script and upload it each time.
      Factor out project-specific stuff in the agent script to flock-sites.ini
      Cleanup on the flock stuff.
      Remove unneeded features.
      More agent script simplification.
      Slightly changed test status banners.
      Address Debian bug #576378.
      Address Debian bug #576377: gpspipe can't connect to external gpsd
      flock framework checkpoint.
      Added -q option for testing.
      End confusion between site and slave-thread types.
      Elimnate global variables.
      Temporarily remove nog from the flocktest list.
      Keyfile upload is working.
      -v option now causes logs to be dumpred unconditionally.
      Documentation update.
      Filter -0.000 to 0.000. Suppress baton prompts on non-ttys unless -t.
      Don't force -t, output from these often goes to a logfile.
      Half of the last change was a bad idea. All regression tests pass
      Correct an error in the last regress-driver change.
      Set up linger mode on client sockets and do explicit shutdowns.
      Pacify splint.
      Add table of bindings.
      Match C library, not that anybody is checking for this yet.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Document future plans for API cleanup.
      Error out with a message if user supplies no logfile arguments.
      Document the data-management problem underlying ckuethe's POLL bug.
      Refactoring step.  Change the signature of ecef_to_wgs84fix().
      Refactoring; do_lat_lon() has no need to know about all of struct 
      Drivers now put their per-packet new data into a session->newdata member.
      Buffer management rework: should fix ckuethe's POLL bug.
      Get rid of www/Makefile.  That stuff is done from now.
      Add a production for experimenting with pydoc.
      ?POLL is no longer experimental.
      Improved comments and messages.  All regression tests pass.
      Update Mick Durkin's internals tour and make it part of the website 
      Update for the fact that drivers now put fix information in newdata.
      Turn a runtime assert into a compile-time one.
      Banish some compiler warnings.  No behavior changes.
      Add all our info on the spin bug to TODO, and instrument all opens/closes.
      More spin-detection instrumentation.
      Always change the polling set in deactivate_device().
      Fix the select()-spin bug on disconnected devices.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Simple dumb fix for gpsmon spin bug.  All regression tests pass.
      Explain dot in path.
      More graceful termination of gpsmon - say on stderr if device went 
      Some probes were wrongly conditionalized. Fix this.
      Fix TNT compilation.
      Update and typo fixes.
      Update step 6 for the stable version of the new protocol.
      List a flock machine's devices.
      Cosmetic changes.  All regression tests pass.
      Bug fix needed for gps_stream(WATCH_DISABLE...) to work.
      Another cosmetic tweak.
      I tripped over a git-ism.  This change should have been in my last commit.
      Add Jay Ashworth's "pilot light" message on device first sync.
      Implement missing argument parsing so xgps can watch a remote daemon.
      Fix the contents.
      Update for new protocol and AIS.
      Remove a fossil.
      We certainly don't need Motif any more.
      Sigh.  Jay's pilot light has to be snuffed.
      Make the client library and daemon use different sets of state-flag masks.
      Detect and scavenge unused daemon-side status-mask bit.
      Splint cleanup.  All regression tests pass.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Signedness fixes indicated by splint.
      Fix the broken handling of our two compass device types in the NMEA 
      Building with --enable--oceanserver and --disable-tnt now passes 
      TNT probe logic for sample mode has to be conditioned out, it's still 
      First cut at JSON output for TNT Revolution device.
      The advent of gpsdfake.
      Add some missing copyrights and fix a comment.
      Fixed channel-overflow bug in xgps.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Improve and dicument the JSON report for digital compasses.
      Typo fix.
      Cluent-side support for reading ATT responses.
      Shorten some names for concision, and make C names match JSON names.
      Improve explanatory comments.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Checkpoint first cut an gpsnon support for TNT.  Not yet working.
      Oops, accidentally committed a version that won't build. Fixing that...
      Live monitor_tnt.c, but in a way that breaks gpsd, sigh.
      Comment fixes.  All regression tests pass.
      Eliminate a grotty special case in the NMEA packtet parser.
      Remove some dead code and comments.  All regression tests pass.
      Deep-six another special case, detect OceanServer via its main packet.
      Improve a log message.
      Refactor serial ntpshm_put() calls.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Note some changed behavior.
      Typo fix.
      Logic error fix for my big refactoring commit, spotted by gemiller.
      A longstanding bug in error modeling fixed.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      TNT gets a speed-change method (untested).
      Comment improvements.
      Give TNT a wakeup hook to but it in run mode and make it report in 
      Under Linux, gpsd now classifies its input devices at open() time.
      Properly guard the USB-garmin probe.
      Update writing-a-driver.xml to describe the ntp_offset() method.
      Teach autotools how to find libusb.
      Fix an erroneous configuration message.
      Cleaner libusb configuration with correct include path.
      Another minor autotools tweak, not required for productuin builds yet.
      Narrow the scope of some variables and document what's going on.
      Up-gun the indent production preparatory to experimenting with it again.
      Forgot two generated files, there.
      Try to make indent approximate the house style more closely.
      Attempt to undo some of indent's messing about.
      Switch to long indent options in hopes that, e.g., -ncs won't be ignored.
      More indent option twiddling.
      Beating autotools into submission.
      Must defer replacing until later.
      Pound indent into less intrusive behavior on this file.
      It seems GNU indent can be fatally confused by its own pragmas...
      Fix some bitrot in an unused function that was confusing indent.
      Fix more bitrot.
      Cosmetic glitches found while testing reindenting.
      Guard some displayed structures from reindenting.
      Protect more displayed structures from indent.
      Move some indent pragmas.
      Once again, GNU indent is confused by its own pragmas.
      Typo fix.
      indent's pragmas continue to be annoying.
      Attempt to reinstate some anti-indenting guards.
      Undo some indent meddling with splint comments.
      Typo fix.
      cgps.c reindented.  Live and gpsfake tests both pass.
      Reindent the test programs.  All regression tests pass.
      Appease splint.  splint tests are clean.
      Reindent monitor mdules.  Live test of gpsmon works.
      Reindent some utility modules.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindent some of the simpler drivers. All regression tests pass.
      Reindent the RTCM drivers.  All regression tesrs pass.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Add another indenting control.
      Reindent some things again, needed due to new controls.
      Reindented driver_garmin.c. All regression tests pass.
      Reindent the JSON stuff.  All regression tests pass.
      Re-reindent some drivers because we added another control option.
      Reindent a couple more drivers.  All regression tests pass.
      Re-indent JSON support.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindent the network support. All regression tests pass.
      Typo fixes and indent pragma tweaks.
      Reindented the NMEA support.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindented core library.  All regressiopn tests pass.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Reindented the packet sniffer an ISGPS code.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindented some small utility modules.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindented more driver code.  All regression tests pass.
      Reindented SiRF driver and subframe code.  All regression tests pass.
      Lovely.  GNU indent isn't idempotent after the first reindent.
      Reindent two small modules.
      Some splint annotations got unstuck by the reindentation.
      More reindenting. All regression tests pass.
      More reindenting.
      Type cleanup: rtcmbyyes should bre a size_t.
      Follow previous commit by removing a cast that is no longer needed.
      Remove unnecessary splint annotation.
      gpsmon.c reindented.  Passes live test.
      Client library core reindented.  cgps passes live test.
      Remove useless pragmas, GNU indent is easily confusd.
      AIVDM driver reindented.  AIVDM regression tests pass.
      ntpshm.c reindented. Requires live testing.
      Move a misplaced indent pragma. All regression tests pass.
      Scatter GNU indent pragmas to tell it not to do stupid things.
      Once again, GNU indent is easily confused...
      More stupid GNU indent tricks.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      More GNU indent suppression.  All regression tests pass.
      Typo fix.
      More indent pragmas.
      Tweak some whitespace.  All regression tests pass.
      More GNU indent pragmas.
      Fix a typoed pragma.
      Try placing some indent pragmas at a different spot.
      Reindent gpsmon, needed to be done after fixing incorrect pragma.
      This tweak makes GNU indent do something reasonable.
      Whitespace tweaks to pacify indent.
      Allow GNU indent to have its way with the last two files.
      Typo and pragma fix.
      Splint-clean gpxlogger.
      Don't try to indent xgpsspeed.c and friends.
      Typo fix.
      Reindent two more programs. That's everything except 
      Updated website links.
      Make gpsd display time-to sync so we can track that lag.
      Typo fix and a note on timing.
      Update the TODO list.
      New FAQ entry: Why does getting a fix take so long after powerup?
      Add contents entry, fix typo.
      Remove unused library support for old-protocol responses other than FIOXY.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://address@hidden/gitroot/gpsd
      Documentation update.
      Suppress logging of the satellite picture.
      Update future plans.
      Make Python clean up after itself better.
      Don't waste time in the hunt loop if the supposed GPS fd is not actually 
a tty.
      Add notes on ports to be finished.
      Minimal bug fixes to the Python interface by Jirí Techet.
      Change the value of the (never shipped) ATTITUDE_SET flag.
      Better version of Jiri Techet's Python fixes; handles DEVICES response.
      Split apart to isolate historical cruft.
      Document an autotools crock.
      Add Baylink's todo item.
      Remove dead productions.
      Comment improvements.
      Experimentally list modified files on push.
      Added a useful detail about mode values.
      Fossil fix.
      Typo fixes and minor improvements,
      Doc update and reindent.
      Update timebase.h file fom current IERS bulletin.
      revision.h uses a date stamp now, so we can remove a release checklist 
      NEWS update and version bump for release.
      Fix a broken tag exporter in  No code changes.

Gary E. Miller (25):
      Garmin driver needs to set valid bits when it has a valid fix.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Tag all Garmin debug output with 'Garmin:' for easier parsing of logs.
      Add some debugging and fixes to new ntpshm_pps() wrapper.
      More ntpshm_put() changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Yet another comment tweak on the 50BPS data
      Dial back logging a tad
      More helpful comments on SiRF 50BOS data...
      Stopped one bit short on the Complement bit check.
      Brain fart.  revert the SiRF complement test in 50BPS
      Another driver_sirf 50BPS message comment tweak
      In driver_sirf.c 50BPS decode add a check for 'must be zero' bits.
      In driver_sirf.c 50BPS Get the check for 'must be zero' bits right.
      In driver_sirf set the TIME_IS flag when appropriate.
      Add back in important comments about the Garmin USB driver
      Garmin USB needs its own ntpd fudge.
      Setup driver_garmin.c for tweaking of ntpd_offset by baud rate.
      Tweak the 50BPS inversion algorith.
      Another baby step to a clean 50BPS message in driver_sirf.c
      Whoops, went one step to far.
      Try to use isgps_parity() from isgps.c, but not quite right yet.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      driver_sirf.c 50BPS parity check seems to work.  No wonder there are
      Tiny tweak to Garmin USB ntpd offset.

Greg Troxel (8):
      Add test_trig to ignore list.
      Remove .-in-PATH assumption from test cases.
      Change make check to use a test program.
      Add do-tests to distribution.
      Improve 'make dist' portability.
      Make test directory writable.
      Remove spurious TESTBINS definition.
      Note that not all check_PROGRAMS are run.

Jon Schlueter (4):
      Fix more path dependencies
      malcom-blue flock sites added by Jon Schlueter
      Spelling corrections.
      Spelling corrections

Paulius Zaleckas (3):
      Fix building with --disable-clientdebug
      Fix building with --disable-reconfigure
      Fix building with --disable-controlsend

root (2):
      Add a bit more verbosity when failing to open 2947
      Better logging of IPv4 and IPv6 bind port operations.

root (none) (4):
      Patch to fix flickering time in cpgs.
      Something odd happening in the SiRF 50BPS data decode.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Tweak SiRF nav Data comments



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