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Re: [gpsd-dev] A detail in your ntpoffset script

From: Andy Walls
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] A detail in your ntpoffset script
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 18:35:22 -0400
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Measuring the PPS offset against the disciplined system clock is likely to tell you more about how bad the disciplined system clock is (unless your PPS is *really* poor).

Determine the fudge for a PPS probably needs to be measured with an oscilloscope, or with ntpd measuring it (with noselect set) against another PPS with a known latency/fudge.


address@hidden wrote:
awk '
/127\.127\.28\.0/ { sum += $5 * 1000; cnt++; }
END { print sum / cnt; }
' </var/log/ntpstats/peerstats

Should that be .1 rather than .0?

I'm thinking of this coment in ntpshm.c:

* Segments 0 and 1: permissions 0600, i.e. other programs can only
* read and write as root.
* Segments 2 and 3: permissions 0666, i.e. other programs can read
* and write as any user. I.e.: if ntpd has been
* configured to use these segments, any
* unpriviliged user is allowed to provide data
* for synchronisation.
* As gpsd can be started as both root and non-root, this behaviour is
* mimicked by:
* Started as root: do as ntpd when attaching (creating) the segments.
* (In contrast to ntpd, which only attaches (creates) configured
* segments, gpsd creates all segments.)
* Started as non-root: only attach (create) segments 2 and 3 with
* permissions 0666. As the permissions are for any user, the creator
* does not matter.
* For each GPS module gpsd controls, it will use the attached ntpshm
* segments in pairs (for coarse clock and pps source, respectively)
* starting from the first found segments. I.e. started as root, one
* GPS will deliver data on segments 0 and 1, and as non-root data
* will be delivered on segments 2 and 3.

This seems to imply that the PPS unit is .1 rather than .0.

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