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Re: [gpsd-dev] A detail in your ntpoffset script

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] A detail in your ntpoffset script
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 14:18:46 -0700

Yo Harlan!

On Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:00:21 +0000
Harlan Stenn <address@hidden> wrote:

> "Gary E. Miller" writes:
> > On one host I have two GPS/PPS.  They differ by a consistent 1.5
> > uSec.
> > 
> > It annoys me, so I fudge one of them so they agree.  Which is the
> > 'wrong' one and which is the 'right' one?  Flip a coin.
> Got a 'scope?  Anything in the docs?  Got a calibrated PPS reference
> to check against?

I have the scope.  But no calibrated PPS reference here.  Just getting
one its annual calibration is $500!

> This sort of stuff would also be wonderful for an S1 howto.

As a practical matter I'm 100 times more stable than I can measure one
hop over on my local GigE network.

Gary E. Miller Rellim 109 NW Wilmington Ave., Suite E, Bend, OR 97701
        address@hidden  Tel:+1(541)382-8588

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