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Re: [gpsd-dev] n followed by n in gpsmon

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] n followed by n in gpsmon
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 18:22:48 -0400
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Hal Murray <address@hidden>:
> Another bug/quirk.  If you start gpsmon pointing at a dead device, it never 
> tells you it has given up trying to make contact.  The screen stays blank.  
> If you type anything at it, it shows:
>   /dev/gps0 9600 8N1            Unknown device> x
> [My handy test case is SiRF-4.  It switches to binary OK, but dies when 
> trying to switch back to NMEA.  Power cycle fixes it.]

Hm.  I have a SiRF-IV here.  Please tell me the exact sequence of actions
required to reproduce the "dead device" state; I'll see what I can do.

> Suggestion:
>   It should get the Firmware info if it starts up in SiRF mode.

When I run it on a SiRF emitting binary, I already see a Firmware Version 
box filled in. Accordingly, I don't understand your request.

> The PPS line in the bottom/logging area and/or log file should show the time 
> offset.

I'm never quite sure what people mean when they say "the time offset".
Given the time of receipt of the PPS pulse as a Unix timestamp to
microsecond resolution, what function of it do you want displayed?

> If you want to get fancy, you could add an option to put a time stamp on the 
> front of the logging info.  I'm mostly interested in relative times, so 
> seconds+microsec per day is probably more useful than HH:MM:SS format.

What's the use case for this?
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