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[gpsd-dev] AIS NMEA TAG Blocks

From: Roy Barkas
Subject: [gpsd-dev] AIS NMEA TAG Blocks
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 14:10:43 +1000


I note that in the AIVDM/AIVDO protocol decoding document, you have some preliminary notes regarding NMEA TAG Blocks.

I have several million examples of real-world tag block usage and a pretty good handle on the tag block meaning.

Would you like me to send the info and a sample of actual messages with tag blocks to you?

In my opinion, If tag blocks were implemented the tag block data should become additional optional fields within the "class": "AIS" JSON output by gpsd / gpsdecode.

I'm uncertain whether the data and information that I have reflects IEC 62320 or NMEA 4.



p.s. The tag blocks are the 'metadata' that I have referred to in the past and  would, if implemented in gpsd / gpsdecode, replace my need for JSON passthrough.  I just didn't realize until recently that this 'metadata' was actually called 'tag blocks :-)

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