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Re: [gpsd-dev] PQXFI NMEA, what is it?

From: Juha Nurmela
Subject: Re: [gpsd-dev] PQXFI NMEA, what is it?
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 05:56:47 +0300

On Wed, 20 Jul 2016 15:40:27 -0700 "Gary E. Miller" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hmm, I can't find anything with Google...

I should have mentioned that Google draws no data. Just some random NMEA logs, 
user manuals telling you can turn PQXFI and PSTIS on/off with such and such 
command (but not telling what the sentence means), and more people asking.

> gpsd will compute the DOPs and Error Estimates, then you can see which match.

Ah... I have not noticed the xdop and ydop values until now. Cannot see 
anything changing in unison with unknowns #1 and #2. I had assumed #3 was GDOP 
or TDOP, but happened to carry the laptop outside yesterday and to my surprise 
#3 plummeted to 0.03.


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