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[gpsd-dev] RoyalTek REB-5216 gnss module and some questions

From: William Smith
Subject: [gpsd-dev] RoyalTek REB-5216 gnss module and some questions
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2019 14:54:42 +0100


I just registered recently, and was a bit shocked to see my password
mailed to me as plain text. In 2019, stuff like that should simply
not happen. Savannah looks like it is stuck in the 1990's.
Something like SourceForge, GitHub, CodeAurora, etc. would be
definitely more approachable for a wider audience of potential
contributors to the project.
Anyhow, Happy New Year.

REB-5216 SirfStarV module
Anyhow, I have a RoyalTek REB-5216, and it does indeed work with gpsd.
gpsd does not recognize what it is, but it is recognized as Sirf. (gpsmon,
gpsctl) xgps does not work with it at all. I would like to gradually start
working on it. It looks like it could be fairly easy to get it fully supported.
Another thing is that, although I see satellites, it has a fix, etc., gpsmon is
not showing time from the gnss module.
"Time:  -219246529-80-00T08:29:5 Leap: ??"
GPS Time is empty.
I am reading through the wiki, but any extra advice would be welcome.

Building in Android:
SCons is something I have not used before. It works fine in a normal Linux
environment, but I am trying to build gpsd inside an Android AOSP. SCons
does not seem to pay any attention to my environment variables inside the
AOSP. I build it, but get an X86-64 binary, but Makefile projects in the
same build environment give me aarch64 binaries. SCons is the normal
one from the Ubuntu repository running on the host machine (Ubuntu
16.04). Any advice? Or is there any way to easily make it into a normal
makefile project?


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