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From: артур хайруллин
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2020 16:56:30 +0300

> I would like to get a binary capture of an even like that. just
> use "gpsd -R > tmp.raw" to grab the raw data.
I don’t have logs with caught events but i promise it happened. The problem is in very bad chips in receivers. ASAIC i’ll give you those logs. All my systems have gpspipe -R launched now

> This should not happen. What ntpd are you using? ntpd usually
> wants at least 3 sources to agree on a time before using it. Are
> all three of your sources failing the same way? Also, ntpd does
> not make large changes after startup, so something is not working
> as designed.
Of course it shouldn’t happen in case of using at least 3 sources(i want to check it). But i have always used only one with SHM and my wish is to simulate problem to see how this situation will be processed in case of 3 sources

> Stratum does not really matter. Jitter matters. You should always
> have more than 3.
i was not correct, sorry

> Hopefully raw logs, please send them.
Binary, so i added decode call in some places of

> No way, currently, to get gpsfake to send data to SHM. It might
> be easier to just write a small SHM simulator.
i’m listing gpsd 3.20 sources right now trying to find the order in which ntpshm_put, ntp_write are called. Maybe i can write them into Will it be not the worst way to solve my problem ? :)
артур хайруллин

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