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Re: ✘Draft GPSD-MIB

From: David Taylor
Subject: Re: ✘Draft GPSD-MIB
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2022 16:35:53 +0100
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On 07/07/2022 14:20, Greg Troxel wrote:
I am not following at all.   Having management status available is
separate from making the actual position available.   I would expect
normal practice is to have gpsd make the gpsd socket data available on
localhost only.

But I have no particular reason to want to deal with SNMP.

I use SNMP because:

- it allows central monitoring of multiple systems.

- it's a common standard for multiple monitoring streams.

- MRTG allows easy data collection and monitoring.

- you can select what data you expose (at least on Linux systems) by simple
editing of the SNMP configuration.  So no position data, just how well things
are working.

As SNMP already in use it's great to have it officially standardised with
respect to OIDs.  The change is really minimal to what we already have.

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