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Re: Duplicate or near-duplicate messages on u-blox M8

From: Luke Hutchison
Subject: Re: Duplicate or near-duplicate messages on u-blox M8
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2020 12:35:01 -0700

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 12:11 PM Gary E. Miller <address@hidden> wrote:
Everythong you do not understand is not a problem.

You say this after making almost no effort to understand my email: "Sadly, none of your text formatting survived email.  So I'll stop reading now.  Useless."  That is what I call a problem.

> 4. In terminal 2, switched the device mode from the default
> ("native":1) to NMEA ("native":0).

Sigh.  As I pointed out to you on the nmea:true thing, the same applies
here.  The native flag does not change anything about how the receiver
talks to gpsd.  It only sets what gpsd sends to the client.

Well that's great, we're getting closer to the cause of the problem then. It's not a problem between the receiver and gpsd, it's a problem in gpsd itself when "native":1 is set, or a problem with how gpsd talks to the client. Don't completely write off what I wrote just because my conclusion was wrong.
You keep tripping over your own bad assupmtions about what is happening.

And you can't see past your own knee-jerk reactions to find any value in what I'm trying (very hard) to illustrate. That's the only thing that's "useless" here. Please try to read between the lines, even if I'm not using the exact wording you require. I'm doing my best, and you are not.

> Changing the "native" flag usually
> takes a couple of attempts (or maybe I didn't wait long enough). Sent
> characters are in red, the response is in green, and important parts
> are bolded and underlined in the response.

Sadly, none of your text formatting survived email.  So I'll stop
reading now.  Useless.

Forget the coloring then. Completely ignore it. You know how to read logs, read them for yourself. The colors didn't even matter, they just highlighted what was sent and received (but this should be obvious from a knowledge of the protocol). They also pointed out when the "native" flag changed. But you can see that in plain text.

I sent you two log files in the same manner I sent them previously, and you were able to open the attachments just fine. So please go open those attachments and replay them in the same manner I suggested in the email, using `gpsfake`.

And one more time, I exhort you to stop using words like "useless", "sigh", "Everythong [sic] you do not understand", "You keep tripping over your own bad assupmtions [sic]", etc. -- you are not helping these conversations, at all. You are also not helping your community to thrive. Seriously dude, how can you not see how damaging this sort of language is? How can you push back against constructive feedback that it is a serious problem to engage in using this sort of emotionally charged language? Last time I pointed it out you squarely blamed your language choices on me: "Maybe read a little better, try to answer questions asked, not repeat mistakes previously pointed out, and I'll not need to use such words." People who blame their own choices on other people have no sense of personal responsibility, which is a major blind spot and an impediment to personal development. You said, "And remember, any pop-psych site will remind you the only person you know you can change, is yourself." So please apply your own advice here, and dig deep, and try to find a way to engage with your community in a more constructive way -- for your own benefit, and your community's benefit.

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