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Re: No PPS from gpsd

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: No PPS from gpsd
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 12:49:42 -0700

Yo Jim!

On Thu, 29 Jul 2021 18:21:46 +0000 (UTC)
Jim Pennino <> wrote:

>     On Thursday, July 29, 2021, 10:51:19 AM PDT, Gary E. Miller
> <> wrote: 
> > Using Ubuntu 20.04.2 and gpsd 3.20.  
> 3,20 is a tad old, and has a fatal bug appearing on October 23, 2021
> That is the current Ubuntu release.

Still bad.  And it will break in October 2021.

> > I replaced the long running USB GPS with a RS-232 device,
> > reconfigured and rebooted.  
> Would be nice to know how you reconfigured.  The devil is in the
> details.
> USBAUTO="false"
> DEVICES="/dev/ttyS4 "
> GPSD_OPTIONS="-n -b -s9600 "
> GPSD_SOCKET=/var/run/gpsd.socket

Better, still have no idea why you use the Bluetooth option, but unrelated.

> > NMEA data is just fine and ppscheck works but gpsd is not processing
> > the PPS signal on CTS.  
> Did you use "-D 4" with gpsd?  That is the best way to debug PPS.
> As gpsd only logs to syslog, I did not do that as setting syslog to
> debug will fill with messages from everything on the system. IMHO
> gpsd should have an option to set the logging facility to something
> quieter such as usr1.

Where it logs too is configurable by your logging system.  I only need
a minutes worth.

> > ppstest and ppswatch fail  
> Fail how?
> ppstest /dev/pps0
> trying PPS source "/dev/pps0"
> found PPS source "/dev/pps0"
> ok, found 1 source(s), now start fetching data...
> time_pps_fetch() error -1 (Connection timed out)

That sure looks like a broken pps.  As root or not root?

> ^C
> ppswatch /dev/pps0
> trying PPS source "/dev/pps0"
> found PPS source "/dev/pps0"
> time_pps_fetch() error -1 (Connection timed out)
> time_pps_fetch() error -1 (Connection timed out)
> ^C

That sure looks like a broken pps.  As root or not root?

> Verify by runnng gpsdebuginfo from here:
> Will do that later; send the output to who exactly?

Send it to the list here.  It is not long.  Without it we'll play
20-questions for the rest of the week.

> > # Other options you want to pass to gpsd
> > GPSD_OPTIONS="-n -b -s9600 "  
> Why -b?  You are not running on bluetooth.
> Because the gpsd documentation says it is read-only mode, not that it
> is read-only mode only for USB and bluetooth.

Actually, the doc says:
        "Broken-device-safety mode, "

Is your receiver broken?  Otherwise, bad idea.

> > Now I have no clue where to go next...  
> Shoot systemd(umber) in the head.
> Who is going to pay me to rewrite Ubuntu?

Devuan already did.  Many alternatives to Ubuntu that do not use

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