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[Groff] Re: Your groff manual

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: Your groff manual
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 19:44:44 GMT

   >maybe you have noticed that there are new groff maintainers (Ted
   >Harding and me), and that we are currently starting our business
   >by applying all the many patches sent to bug-groff.  And a good
   >guy has contributed an HTML driver...


I suggest you get the latest snapshot from

to see what we've done...

   >Another important topic is documentation of groff in general.  My
   >question: May I include your groff.texinfo into the groff
   >distribution, tagging it as preliminary?  I believe this would
   >help in completing the manual faster than it is currently :-)

   You're welcome to it.  I'd love to be able to finish it, but, being
   realistic, I don't think I'll be able to.  Sorry.

OK.  I'll soon include it into the distribution -- in case you have
time, you can always contribute...

   I also have a collection of examples which I was going to use in
   the manual.  Also, I was hoping to write an updated texi2roff which
   would allow me to use troff directly for showing the results of
   examples, I have a small doc on this.

   If anybody wants these I can pass them along...

Yes, please send everything to the address@hidden list.


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