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RE: [Groff] Training site.

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: RE: [Groff] Training site.
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 11:52:51 GMT

> > Please do so!  Note that we haven't had time yet to create a real
> > home page for groff (any volunteers welcome!), so the ftp address
> > pointing
> I, uh, um, volunteer! Let me check some things first. The idea of
> hosting the groff site does appeal to me.
> If all works out, I have this in mind:
> - The site would be under a GNU license.
> - The site style would be similar to, or copy, the GNU style guide.
> - Of course, it should be a practical example of applying the new
>   groff features.
> - Mailman for mailing lists. It's GNU now, too.
> - If alllllll else fails, it will at least be a _big_ learning experience
> for me. I've not done a decent web site before, but have been working on
> starting one.
> So, groff would fit in nicely. At least, I'ld like to see what I can cook
> up the next few days. Your input, etc. all appreciated.


we already *have* a web site:  The used amount
of disk space for web pages is fairly irrelevant (well, 100MByte or so
needs an approval of the FFII organization :-).  The problem is that
neither Ted nor I have time to maintain it.  I invite you to maintain
this site.  Mirroring this site in the USA (at least I assume that you
are sitting there) would be a fine thing also.  But, if possible, the
main site should stay here in Munich.  If you are really interested,
you will get an account for the machine.

And we use mailman for mailing lists (well, some of us wish we would
revert to majordomo or something similar since mailman still has some
annoying features...)

> Also:
> - When is next release planned?  I know it's pretty soon.

Well, this depends mainly on Gaius who implements the HTML driver.  If
he says that it is OK to publish his alpha stuff we'll do another
release so that many people have a chance to test it.

> - Can someone provide a .deb package I can download of any betas?
>   RPM if necessary.  I386.  Goodness, just a working binary would
>   do.  Do _not_ show me the source.  My coding days are history.

Not yet.  Fabrizio, can you contribute the deb-files for inclusion
into the main groff package?  The same could happen for an RPM
groff.spec file -- who is responsible for that?

But compiling groff is really easy!

Unpack the archive and say

  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
  make install

and everything is installed into /usr/local/...  If you want a
different prefix, say e.g.

  ./configure --prefix=/usr

If you uninstall your old groff Debian package before, it should work
out of the box.


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