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Re: [Groff] Training site.

From: Bernhard Reiter
Subject: Re: [Groff] Training site.
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 00:47:16 -0500

On Thu, Oct 21, 1999 at 06:21:26AM +0000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> > Please, set up the account. Telnet, ftp, http.  And a public_html
> > directory for you-all to review/test site drafts from before
> > "publishing" to
> Can someone from polis@ comment this, please?  
Sure, that why we are here.  ;>

> How can we set up test pages?  

Two possibilities:
- Everybody with a login can create homepages on genba.
Just create a public_html directory in you homepage and make sure
the world can read it.

- Everybody in the group groff can write the
        /var/www/groff directory
Just add a subdirectory, let's say playground and 
give it the right permissions.
Also add a file called robots.txt, with the following content to
exclude that directory from search robots:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /playground/

Everybody in the group could make subdirectories and so on.
The second way might be a bit better because of the robots exclusion.

> And may I ask to give him an account so that he can
> access the groff related HTML stuff?
Yes if he is helping groff and is trustworthy.
Just mail me his full name and email again or to address@hidden

> > Furthermore, it occurs to me, you will always have a binary of the
> > current groff-current on that machine, right?  So I can just use
> > that, to test it.
> No, we haven't.  But it is possible to do so if you wish.
True, but we (the admins) would preferr not to do 
development or testing work on genba. You should use your 
machine at home for this. It can be done though if necessary.

Oh, BTW: We don't allow telnet or personal ftp for security
reasons. You need to use ssh and scp. \
Tell us, if this is a problem and we shall help 
you to get hold of an ssh compatible program.

Werner: You are groupadministrator for the group groff now.
Please peak into "man gpasswd" you should be able to put people into
the group or remove them.

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Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure              (
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