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[Groff] two possible groff problems

From: Andrew Koenig
Subject: [Groff] two possible groff problems
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 03:39:02 -0400 (EDT)

When I installed groff 1.16.1, I found two problems:

     1) "groff -ms" fails due to a complaint about /usr/share/lib/groff/font/SS,
        which I was able to repair by changing the line

              slant 15.5


              slant 15

     2) There seems to be a small incompatibility between "groff -mm" and the 
        AT&T version:  the .HU macro leaves a blank line before the heading in 
AT&T mm,
        but doesn't seem to do so under groff.  (I say "doesn't seem" because 
        I am doing something wrong, but it sure looks that way).

(1) is severe but easy to correct; (2) is less important and more obscure.

Andrew Koenig, address@hidden,

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