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RE: [Groff] some questions on mm

From: Freudenberger Joerg
Subject: RE: [Groff] some questions on mm
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:14:00 +0200

Hallo Charles

> as distributed by SuSE 7.1, which is v 1.16.1.  I have been using roff
The prior question is:
        Do you use SuSEConfig ?
        Or did you switch it of ?
        (/etc/rc.config: ENABLE_SUSECONFIG="yes" or "no")

>   the /usr/share/groff/font/devps/DESC file to get A4 used fully
>   (i.e.  the "paperlength 792000" statement).
If you use SuSEConfig please set /etc/rc.config: GROFF_PAGESIZE="a4"
        and run SuSEConfig.
If not set /usr/share/groff/font/devps/DESC: paperlength 841890
> - the other point is that the first line on the page with mm is way
>   even lower!)
I know this difficulty.  Werner Lemberg advised to prefix 
the macropackage request with -ma4 e.g.

        groff -Tps-a4 -ma4 -ms >

(Remark: I use some devps trees with changes in DESC for different
        paperlength values: /usr/share/groff/font/ devps-a4 devps-let,
        devps is unchanged)

I use man and ms. I hope this true for mm also.


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