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[Groff] So ... where's the postscript file?

From: root
Subject: [Groff] So ... where's the postscript file?
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 03:25:25 +1000

Hi groff users,

I have just learnt the basics of troff with Brian Kernighan's troff
tutorial, It explains everything a beginner needs to know,
except one important thing (or am I missing something?): how to get the
postscript file it is supposed to be able to produce.

I see a lot of programmers write books using troff, and produce camera
ready postscript files with pic-generated diagrams and so on which are
sent straight to the publisher for typesetting.

I'm interested to know these things for my own book writing adventures,
but can't even get a "Hello World" troff file into a postscript file. I
can't see anything on the manual page which says how to instruct troff
to output a postscript file, like the, the files you can see
in ghostview.

Say I wrote a text file:

.ps 12
.vs 14p
.po 1.5i
.ll 5i
.ft B
\s32Hello World!
.sp 2
\fIThis is in italics.\fBThis is in bold.\fRThis is normal.

What would be the file extension I would normally save under? (Does it
matter also?) And how do I make that postscript file from this? I can't
see anything which answers these bare basics for beginners. This should
be corrected in the manual page I think, say a section which goes:
"Beginners: Start Here."

With Thanks,
James Buchanan

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