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Re: [Groff] So ... where's the postscript file?

From: james
Subject: Re: [Groff] So ... where's the postscript file?
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 21:20:41 +0100

Thankyou very much, I am very grateful. I tried troff test.troff >
but it didn't output a vaid PS file, but it seems that's OK with groff, the
GNU version. But anway, I am totally ignorant of these commands at the
moment and still have some learning to do before I can get my book in the
layout I want.

Is there a manual page for newbies for the other troff things, like pic,
eqn, tbl, and the indexing tool? I'll reboot in Linux and take a look and
hang out on this list and see if I can pick some things up.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on the net which I can use to practise writing
macros? I'm thinking of using W Richard Stevens' macros, which he used to
write his books, UNIX Network Programming, TCP/IP Illustrated, Advanced
Programming in the UNIX Environment. His books are beautiful so I think I'll
use his macros. They are on his site,

Thanks for your help. :-) Oh by the way, is there a program for viewing
postscript files on Windows? I have cygwin so I have groff and the others,
and are there freely available macro packages hiding somewhere on GNU?


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From: "Ralph Corderoy" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2001 10:24 AM
Subject: Re: [Groff] So ... where's the postscript file?

> Hi James,
> > What would be the file extension I would normally save under?
> That's up to you, perhaps .tr.
> > (Does it matter also?)
> No.
> > And how do I make that postscript file from this?
> GNU troff, like Kernighan's, outputs a device independent data format
> which a separate command then turns into PostScript, HTML, etc.  With
> GNU troff that's grops.
> However, rather than use troff and grops directly it is easier to use
> the groff command which kicks off these commands, and others that you
> might need, in the correct order.
>     groff >
> See `man groff'.
> > I can't see anything which answers these bare basics for beginners.
> > This should be corrected in the manual page I think, say a section
> > which goes: "Beginners: Start Here."
> Those writing and maintaining the documentation will have seen your
> post to the list.
> If you have other questions feel free to come back to the list.
> Ralph.

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