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Re: [Groff] new round of html bugs

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: [Groff] new round of html bugs
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 15:40:53 +0100


> >      <pre>
> >      <b>     define</b> <i>name</i> <b>{</b> <i>replacement text</i> <b>}
> >      </b></pre>
> >
> >    At least with my browser (Netscape 4.73 on Linux), everything is
> >    bold, and nothing is in italics.  What results do you get?

I see a mixture of bold and italic in Netscape Navigator 4.08.

> >    Do font changes really work in <pre> ... </pre>?

Yes, I believe so.  Some things aren't allowed for the reason below.

    " intended to preserve constant line spacing and column
    alignment for text rendered in a fixed pitch font."

So bold and italic should be fine as they aren't explicitly excluded
and they're normally the same width as their plain counterpart in `on
screen' fonts.

> In my copy of the HTML Definitive Guide by O'Reilly p103 says:
>  "The text within a <pre> segment may contain physical and
>  content-based style changes, along with anchors, images and
>  horizontal rules. When possible, the browser should honor style
>  changes, within the constraint of using a monospaced font for the
>  entire <pre> block."

ORA may be stating what browsers support here but images aren't allowed
by the 4.01 (and earlier?) standard.  See above URL.



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