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Re: [Groff] opentype and postscript fonts

From: Yves Cloutier
Subject: Re: [Groff] opentype and postscript fonts
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 14:50:01 -0400

Hello Pierre,

I am new to Groff, and using the MOM macros. I have used LaTeX for previous
work, but looking for alternative I have found Groff/MOM, which I have been
playing with latetly to see if it would suit my needs.

Some of those needs are small caps and old style numbers. These days most
fonts come in OTF. However Groff/MOM needs that small caps be in a
deditated OTF file (well at least for the script that I
have been using to convert OTF fronts to groff-usaeable fonts.).

I have read your thread where you have been playing with Linux Libertine
font to test accessing various font options.

I was wondering if you have been successful in either creating a small caps
and OSF as independent otf files using fontforge, or if you have found an
easy way to access those features from OTF files.



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