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[Groff] Introducing Vaibhaw: new to maintaining groff

From: Vaibhaw Pandey
Subject: [Groff] Introducing Vaibhaw: new to maintaining groff
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2014 19:49:46 +0530


I have been given an opportunity to be the new maintainer of GNU troff.
Werner suggested that I introduce myself to this mailing list. So here goes.

Technical background:
Indian CSE engineering grad with around 6 years of experience. Spent 5
years working for an enterprise storage vendor mostly doing UNIX
application and kernel programming. Now work for a SaaS startup mostly on
Java/Ruby/DevOps etc.

Groff background:
None. Used in the past only for some serious man page formatting.

I realize and Werner has emphasized very strongly that my inexperience with
groff is a serious handicap for me to be effective. I am working on fixing

I also realize that this group and the extended group of people who care
for groff are much more passionate, learned and smarter than I am. I hope
to make up with perseverance. :)

Hope to learn to lot from everyone around here.


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