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[Groff] lilypond and groff

From: Grégoire Babey
Subject: [Groff] lilypond and groff
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:05:44 +0100

Hi groffies, 

I need to insert just 2 lines of music between lines of text.
I took a look in the archives and found explanations about glilypond.
I was reading the manpage of glilypond too. 
I understood, there are 3 ways to insert music in a text:

I choosed first very simple lilypond input to practice (file =

  c' e' g' e'


1. Turn the lilypond input into an .eps : 

glilypond --pdf2eps

Insert the line beginning with .PSPIC in your text and groff it: 
groff -me -p >

This way works, but the music is not between the lines of text,
it takes a whole page (see attachement 1).

2. Integrated lilypond code: 

Just insert lilypond input code into your groff input-lines like that:

 la jument de Michao
 et son petit poulain
 a passé dans le pré
 et mangé tout le foin
.lilypond start
\version "2.16.2"
  c' e' g' e'
.lilypond end

I tried to groff it with:
groff -me -kpo >

There is a error message: "troff: bad output page list" was created, but you cannot read it (see attachement 2).

3. I tried the inclusion of ly-files too: 

.lilypond include
in your groff input-lines. 

command: groff -me -kpo >
error message: "troff: bad output page list" was created, but you can not read it (the same as at 2.)

I didn't find out how you can take glilypond into the groff-command. 
I found no option for it. 

Could someone explain that to me?

Thanks a lot


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Description: PostScript document

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