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[groff] address@hidden: mom: PDF Author, pdfmom: needs C locale?]

From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: [groff] address@hidden: mom: PDF Author, pdfmom: needs C locale?]
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 17:06:12 -0500
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I received this off list.

 "Furthermore, running `pdfmom` gives an artifact with my locale
  (de_DE.UTF-8): I get "Übereinstimmungen in Binärdatei
  (Standardeingabe)" at the top, before the title.  This goes away
  if I set LC_ALL=C.  Maybe you should thus set the locale in the
  `pdfmom` script?"

Translation for those who need it: "Binary file (standard input)

This seems to be an "on again, off again" bug.  We discussed adding
LC_ALL=C to the command string in pdfmom, but I see it's not there.
Deri--any objections to adding it?  The alternative is to pass the
-a flag to the various greps, but Steffen Nurpmesco pointed out that
-a is not standardized.

 "Thirdly, I of course write my text in UTF-8.  Using non-ASCII
  characters, e.g. "Ä" or "Ü", in headings, I get the warning "can't
  translate character code 220 to special character ':U' in transparent
  throughput", but – unlike with -mspdf – the bookmark is correct."

We should probably get this sorted out rather than telling users to
ignore the warnings.  The messages are spat out by troff.  Not being
an ace C++ programmer, mucking about in the source isn't my
bailiwick.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Peter Schaffter

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