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[groff] gropdf: failed to load 'download'

From: Bernhard Fisseni
Subject: [groff] gropdf: failed to load 'download'
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 22:15:52 +0100

Good evening,

Playing aroung with groff again, I tried to use gropdf[1] with family
U-P, using

$ groff -Tpdf -Kutf-8 -mom > Recherche.pdf

The family is installed in
`~/share/groff/1.22.3.rc1.24-ea225/font/devpdf`. However, gropdf
complains “Failed to open 'download'”. There is noting in
`~/share/groff/site-font/`.  The error message about 'download' goes
away if I touch `~/share/groff/site-font/devpdf/download`, but then
gropdf complains “Failed to open 'DESC'”, which is not so easy to fix.
Am I doing anything wrong?

[1] The version I was using is today's git, in other words groff
1.22.3.rc1.24-ea225-dirty with mom 2.3 and – should that matter – Perl
5.26.1 on Ubuntu 17.10.  Installing finds the URW fonts:

> configure:24531: checking whether URW fonts in pfb format are
>                  available
> configure:24542: result: found in /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/

Grateful for any hint,
Best regards,

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