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Re: [groff] GNU troff version 1.22.4

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [groff] GNU troff version 1.22.4
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2018 13:22:21 -0500
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At 2018-12-23T16:20:38+0100, Bertrand Garrigues wrote:
> Hi,
> After a last commit (copyright year displayed on 'groff --version'),
> I've created tag 1.22.4 and pushed the official package on GNU ftp.
> Below is the annoucement done on the GNU info mailing list.

Great news!

I am little surprised that the GNU update-copyright script didn't catch
that one, though.  When I saw your commit I was surprised--"how did we
overlook _that_?"  :)

> I just need to make a few update on the groff website.
> Many thanks to everyone who contributed, tested and reported bugs.

Thanks to you, Bertrand, for taking on and fulfilling the responsibility
of Release Manager.

Now for the best part of all--the howls from indignant users who find
bugs we managed to overlook despite all of our (especially your and
Ingo's) testing efforts.  ;-)

> We can now resume our works on the various on-going subjects (I'm sure
> that Branden as a new list of patches and that he can't wait to commit
> now!).

Who, me?  :-P

Actually I am a bit slowed down as I am moving house.  I don't expect to
be fully settled in for at least a month, from a new time zone.  I have
a Texinfo-only push to make but apart from that I expect to be
relatively quiet for a while.

Raise a glass if you've got one--here's to 1.22.5 and/or 1.23!


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