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Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 17:11:33 +0200
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> XML is verbose, cumbersome to read and write, and has two different ways to
> express data structures

> <doc title="My stupid document" enabled="true"></doc>
> <doc>
>     <title>My stupid document</title>
>     <enabled>true</enabled>
>     <enabled />
> </doc>

this *isn't* the same to me: attributes are for metadata and tag
contents are for data. but the thing is: because xml is so painful
to edit, people (including me) started to abuse metadata.

pug ( restored the balance in my xml galaxy:

        title My stupid document

seems ok to me.

> Conversely, JSON is more concise and predictable

json is more relevant than xml to store datastructures, right, but
i just said anything positive i can tell about JSON ...

> { "title": "My stupid document", "enabled": true }

how about the example that follows ?

    <title>My stupid document</title>
    this is about trying to explain that <format id="json"/>
    is way inferior to
    <enum of="file-formats">
    in some situations. but when i want to store data, my first
    attempt  will be cbor to exchange and tsv to edit (or using ascii
    separators from 0x1c to 0x1f). another solution i like is the
    one i saw from time to time but don't know if it ever has a name.
    here is an example:
%T My stupid document
%E not sure anymore ...

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