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Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?

From: Jan Stary
Subject: Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 23:16:43 +0200

> > We're starting from an mdoc document, right?
> In my example, yes.
> > Therefore every h1 is generated from Sh,
> I'm not sure where the mapping from mdoc macros
> to html elements is described (beside the code),
> but Ingo surely will know.
> > so every h1 is <h1 class="Sh">.  What, then, is the
> > point of the class, if the CSS selectors
> > 
> >     h1
> > and
> >     h1.Sh
> > 
> > always refer to the same elements? 

Maybe my .Sh example is not a good one,
because there are no other h1's there.
Generally, you get the same element with different classes, e.g.

        <code class="Nm">ls</code>
        <code class="Fl">-C</code>

Then you specify a style for code.Nm and code.Fl


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