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Re: Guitar TABs

From: Wim Stockman
Subject: Re: Guitar TABs
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 16:43:57 +0200

Hi Dave Kemper,

Thank you for the positive feedback.
Well I understand why you would want it to be .nf.
But I wanted to use the chord sheets on a small ereader I use all the space
as efficiently as possible.
Maybe I can add the .nf function as an option on the command line. Or
change the macro name.
Thanks for your input.
Kind regards
Wim Stockman

Op ma 28 jun. 2021 om 09:09 schreef Dave Kemper <>:

> On 6/16/21, Wim Stockman <> wrote:
> > I already made a small preprocessor to keep track of chords , in a
> > chordsheet.
> For aesthetics and ease of reading, I'd output the whole thing in
> no-fill mode, which will preserve the line breaks in the lyrics rather
> than combining them into a paragraph-looking block.  Groff's .nf
> request does this for you, though I found that adding it to your
> song.pcs doesn't work, because the pcs.awk script strips it out; you'd
> need to make pcs.awk either add it or pass it through from its input.
> (I'm sure either of those is simple, but I don't know awk, so I added
> it by hand after awk processing just to test it.)
> But on the technical side, the chord sheet looks great, and is
> cleverly implemented.

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