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Some issues with VBE support.

From: Vesa Jääskeläinen
Subject: Some issues with VBE support.
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 17:30:52 +0300
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I have been working (slowly) on new module for GRUB2 to add support for VBE. I have run to some addressing problems so I though I could ask here if someone can give an advice.

Running under DPMI host I could use it's services to map frame buffer's physical memory address. (using DPMI function 0x800)

So how could this be done in grub?

Otherwise I have already implemented all needed real mode stubs to call VBE. I implemented these to kern/i386/pc/startup.S as there were existing helpers for VGA.

Can GRUB_MEMORY_MACHINE_SCRATCH_ADDR be used freely on this context? I need to some low memory addresses to get information from VBE. For now I have used this and it seems to work correctly, but there could be some issues that I don't see now?

Vesa Jääskeläinen

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