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Re: GRUB2 Sparc

From: Vincent Pelletier
Subject: Re: GRUB2 Sparc
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:33:28 +0200
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Bart Grantham a écrit :
> Turns out that the installation of
> gcc that I have on my Ultra5 (gentoo stage 3) doesn't support 64bit
> binaries, so I think I'll have to rebuild gcc to really get underway.

Building a working 32bits binary could be another task, to make it
easier to build from 32bits userspace - I think OF can boot from 32bits
code, and I don't think 64bits are needed.

> - My (admittedly somewhat hazy) understanding of how an Ultrasparc
> machine boots from disk (any IEEE1275 machine?) is that it reads the
> first sector on the given partition as OF bytecode, which then loads up
> a secondary bootloader or kernel.

I think you're right. But I haven't had time to try this (problems
booting from floppy, problems writing an OF-valid partition table to a

> I apologize for the list-wide reply, but I figured that if Vincent is
> unavailable, perhaps someone else could help me.  Thanks for any
> filling-in (or corrections :) ) that anyone can provide.

Sorry, I had a big problem with my yahoo mail account, so I just
received ~100 mails for the last week, including this list.

Vincent Pelletier

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