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Re: OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260

From: Chris Abbey
Subject: Re: OF default catch on grub2 on 43p-260
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 15:28:31 -0600
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On Wednesday 08 March 2006 11:35 am, Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> This part here won't work. GRUB doesn't look for an OF variable named
> "debug" (technically such a thing does not exist, according to IEEE1275),
> but rather a commandline argument. So you would do this:

oops, guess I missread the conversation I was reading, thanks for clearing 
that up.

> From the OF prompt, before you boot GRUB, could you do the following and
> send the output:
>       0 > dev /address@hidden
>       0 > .properties
> In particular, the "available" property is the one I'm interested in. That
> will tell us what areas of memory are considered free...
0 > dev /address@hidden
0 > .properties
name                    memory
device_type             memory
reg                     00000000  40000000
available               00004000 00bfc000 01400000 3ec00000
#address-cells          00000001
#size-cells             00000000
0 > boot floppy:,grubof.mod debug=all
Failed to claim heap at 0x4000, len 0x1fb000
DEFAULT CATCH!, code=fff00700 at   %SRR0: 00206090   %SRR1: 00023000
0 >

So If I'm reading that correctly, there is 0x00bfc000 bytes availabel at an 
offest of 0x00004000, since grub is asking for 0x001fb000, and that is less 
than 0x00bfc000... I don't get why it's failing.

(And just for reference: no changes to the setup in nvram and my crusty old 
yaboot loads just fine, boots the kernel and I'm off and running... the 
machine has been beaten on pretty hard on a regular basis, so hardware wise 
things seem to be in good shape.)

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