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Re: [ppc patch] link with -m32

From: Vincent Pelletier
Subject: Re: [ppc patch] link with -m32
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 14:44:16 +0200
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Le Samedi 15 Avril 2006 12:36, Marco Gerards a écrit :
> Hollis Blanchard <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hmm, I didn't notice the error messages this caused. -m32 is a gcc
> > flag, not an ld flag. However, there's some confusion about LDFLAGS
> > and CFLAGS in genmk.rb (and conf/*.rmk). In particular, you cannot do
> > $(CC) $(LDFLAGS), and you cannot do $(LD) $(CFLAGS).
> I think LDFLAGS are really processed by cc, no?  So we do not use ld,
> but cc if I am not mistaken.

I've had such problems with the sparc64 port, so the solution might be in 
my .rmk . IIRC, there was a specific way to pass arguments to ld through gcc, 
like -gccoption ldoption1,ldopt2,ldopt3,...

Vincent Pelletier

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