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SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status

From: adrian15
Subject: SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:48:26 +0200
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I've reading the G'SOC document:

and I've been tented to add a new proposal for grub2.

As you all should have guessed it would a Super Grub Disk ( ) but not based on grub legacy but grub2.

If I want the project to be feasible I need that the grub2 api relative to menues and scriptings is fixed. That means that the name of the commands and its behavior don't change since I begin the project to the end of it.

        So here are some questions that have arised...

1) Marco Gerards: Do you think that commands/functions/variables related to menues files are going to change a lot? But I don't mean RIGHT NOW. I mean in the beginnings of SOC... which I don't know... let's see... 23th May. (in one month time).

If these commands are available where should I get a list of them and their behaviour?

2) Do you like the Super Grub2 CD name... or should it be Grub2 CD or Grub CD and that's all? Grub Rescue CD perhaps?

3) What features would you like to see apart from the ones that are already implemented in Super Grub Disk ( )?

4) What is the best way for dealing with languages and translations when developing?

5) I need to define "something" (In my grub legacy fork is a menu.lst) that lets me choose the harddisk-partition which I want to work on. Can I make it easily?

Can Grub2 api write me in an array or a similar the partitions that can read in a given hard disk? So that if there are 3 partitions they are saved into an array of size 3?


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