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Re: SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: SOC - SGD based on grub2 - Menu and scripting status
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 18:49:55 +0200
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adrian15 <address@hidden> writes:


> As you all should have guessed it would a Super Grub Disk (
> ) but not based on grub legacy but
> grub2.

Oh, nice/

>       If I want the project to be feasible I need that the grub2 api
> relative to menues and scriptings is fixed. That means that the name
> of the commands and its behavior don't change since I begin the
> project to the end of it.

I can not make such promise.  But I am open to feature suggestions as
far as I did not make any promises or so yet.

>       So here are some questions that have arised...
> 1) Marco Gerards: Do you think that commands/functions/variables
> related to menues files are going to change a lot?
> But I don't mean RIGHT NOW. I mean in the beginnings of SOC... which I
> don't know... let's see... 23th May. (in one month time).

The will keep changing, I think.

>       If these commands are available where should I get a list of
> them and their behaviour?

Not yet.  We still hope someone will write good user documentation.

> 2) Do you like the Super Grub2 CD name... or should it be Grub2 CD or
> Grub CD and that's all? Grub Rescue CD perhaps?

I personally do not have a strong opinion about this. :-)

> 4) What is the best way for dealing with languages and translations
> when developing?

We are thinking about i18n support.  This is something about this on
the wiki, I think.

> 5) I need to define "something" (In my grub legacy fork is a menu.lst)
> that lets me choose the harddisk-partition which I want to work
> on. Can I make it easily?

You mean as a variable?  That's possible.

> Can Grub2 api write me in an array or a similar the partitions that
> can read in a given hard disk? So that if there are 3 partitions they
> are saved into an array of size 3?

No, at least not yet.  Scripting is in continuous development ATM.


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