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Alternative booting method for grub2

From: Bean
Subject: Alternative booting method for grub2
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 12:02:12 +0800
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It's possible to boot grub2 using the grub4dos boot loader. 

1. create a kernel:

  grub-mkimage -d . -o core.img pc fat ntfs

make sure you include the necessary file system driver.

2. add a header to core.img.

  cat g2hdr.bin core.img > g2ldr

g2hdr.bin can be found in the grubutil package.

3. copy g2ldr to the root directory of any FAT/NTFS/EXT2 partition, and extra 
modules to /boot/grub/ in the same partition.

4. install the grub4dos boot loader.

You need grubinst, which can be downloaded at:

The latest build is

1) Boot using the Windows NT boot manager

Generate boot file with grubinst:

  grubinst -2 -o C:\g2ldr.mbr

Then add a line to boot.ini:


This is the safest method, no modification to MBR or boot sector is required.

2) Install to MBR

  grubinst -2 --save=mbr.sav (hd0)

Be careful, backup important data before install to MBR.

3) Install to boot sector

  grubinst -2 --save=bs.sav (hd0,0)


  grubinst -2 --save=bs.sav -p=0 (hd0)

Be careful, backup important data before install to boot sector.

Currently, grub4dos boot loader support FAT, NTFS and EXT2.

The advantage of using grub4dos boot loader is that the location of g2ldr is 
calculated at boot time, this means you can move it without causing problem.

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