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Re: Variable assignment not working as expected

From: Alex Roman
Subject: Re: Variable assignment not working as expected
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 04:44:19 -0400

On 09/06/07, Alex Roman <address@hidden> wrote:
Hmm, after some further thought, I think it would make more sense to
put it in grub_env_set function because that allows the feature to be
use throughout the grub2 source code... It could be useful in some

I'm trying to code this feature but I'm noticing something peculiar...

In command.c, function set_command I do the following just before "var
= args[0];":

grub_printf( "args[0]: %s\n", args[0] );

If args[0] contains a '$', the string is displayed up until the $, not
inclusive. Any other character is fine.

Does '$' get considered as a line-ending or command-ending character?
If so, we can't implement this feature because we don't get access to
anything after the '$'...


Alex Roman <address@hidden>

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