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Grub2 mainstream test floppies

From: adrian15
Subject: Grub2 mainstream test floppies
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:46:25 +0200
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        Now I am quite busy with pause and map commands but I do not want to
forget the grub2-disk creation (Something similar to Super Grub Disk).
        grub2-disk will have some menues that explain how grub2 syntax does
work and will have some useful options such as searching an already
installed grub2.cfg and loading it, search and load vmlinuz* and
initrd*, activate partitions and so on.
        (You can check Super Grub Disk if
you want to.)

        The first draft for grub2-disk is one more folder in grub2 source code
which it is called disk. This folder has an script for generating the
grub2-disk and some subfolders that contain specific grub2.cfg files (or
maybe only one grub2.cfg file).

        I think we could convert the grub2-disk into a mainstream test floppy.
I myself found a lot of bugs on grub legacy because no one had tested
all the possible options on a cdrom. I think grub2 developers could
write down some grub2.cfg files into the disk folder.

        This options will be used for testing new features that should be
tested by many people.
        The idea is:
                - Prompt if the text has been tested ok already or not.
                - Prompt a text explanation
                - Prompt what the possible results may be
                - Prompt what information may be needed if the test fails and 
(mail) has to be sent.
                - Run the test.

        So... The grub2-disk will have a development menu which will have the

        The idea is each week run the grub2-disk-creation script and upload the
correspondent generated floppy image to the grub ftp server so that
anyone that it is interested can test it without the need of knowing:
how to get data from the cvs, how to compile it, how to generate a
floppy and how to put the commands on a .cfg file.

        Any comments about this?


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