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Detection of boot devices by a linux kernel

From: adrian15
Subject: Detection of boot devices by a linux kernel
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:46:35 +0200
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        First question:
        Once a Kernel has booted can request the bios the different boot
devices and try to open them with a bios-disk driver or whatever the
name is?

        Current problems:

        I do not know what's the live cd / non-live cd installer algorithm for
detecting which grub device corresponds to which linux device.
        There's a man in which gets some strange results. He
installing Linux in his 4th drive and as long as it is detected as
/dev/sdg then the linux assign it: hd6 . :);f=21;t=5731;&#top

        Probable solution:
        If the answer for the first question is that NO here there is my
solution to problem.

        We should make a command that iterates all the hard disks boot devices
and looks for the uuid from the hard disks. Once it has done so it saves
the result into a variable.

        Then we can boot a kernel and pass this variable as a parametrer.


        grub> set
        grub> detectboot -s biosdevices
        grub> set
        grub> linux /boot/knoppix-6.0-kernel root=/dev/ram 
        grub> initrd /boot/knoppix-6.0-initrd
        grub> boot

        Then thanks to the "grubdevices=hd0|ffkei|hd1|ereok|hd2|er455" string
found in /proc/cmdline the knoppix boot scripts can check the uuid for
each detected hard disk and generate a valid file.

        Any comments on this?


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