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Re: Multiboot overhaul

From: Mikhail Vorozhtsov
Subject: Re: Multiboot overhaul
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 11:28:16 +0700
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Marco Gerards wrote:
Mikhail Vorozhtsov <address@hidden> writes:


I'm working on a microkernel for x86_64 (with looking forward to ppc64
and sparc64 ports). As you know, microkernels are quite useless without
user-space servers that provide "classic" OS services. But microkernels
are so useless that they even cannot load servers from disk :). That's
why bootloader need to load servers images directly into memory in
addition to image of microkernel itself. For i386-pc we have multiboot
and it "just works". But it's really too i386-pc-specific. We also
have draft of next multiboot version, but I think it still lacks
flexibility (e.g. single 'flags' field for all image format, platform,
and machine related features requests, no versioning). So I've
implemented new loader (patch attached) focused on exensibility and

Feel free to give feedback on the next multiboot.  I think you
understand we can't just accept a loader for something that is not
discussed and most people are happy with.
Of course, posting the patch was just the shortest way to show people the idea. Otherwise it would've taken many lines of text to describe everything.
What's on the wiki is the result of discussion, but it is still open for
> discussion. Did you look at the information about this on the wiki?
Yes, but I think my solution is too different from multiboot to be merged with it. It's just two ways of doing things, both of them will work. To say the truth, if I had found multiboot2 implemented I would've just started to using it. But I didn't, so I said to myself "Let's design a loading scheme, it should be fun" :)

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