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GRUB2 configuration problem

From: Christopher Barry
Subject: GRUB2 configuration problem
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 12:10:15 -0500

Hi folks,

        I just NetInstalled Debian Lenny, and had to try grub2. I used LVM when
partitioning, and when it rebooted, the menu came up blank.

        I bounced it into KNOPPIX, saw that the mounted partitions were sda1
and sda5. sda1 (/boot) mounted, sda5 could not, as it was an LVM

        I poked around in the grub directory on sda1 and found grub.cfg.
Examining this, I could see it was not doing an insmod on the LVM
module, so I added this in and rebooted. It came up, still with no menu
item listed, and when I just waited to see what it would do, it

Booting `

for about a minute and then spewed a zillion question marks across the
screen continuously ;)

Any ideas about how to correct?


Christopher Barry
Systems Engineer, Principal
Qlogic Corporation

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