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Re: [PATCH] grub2 for Cygwin

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] grub2 for Cygwin
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 16:26:57 +0200

Robert Millan wrote:
> > 
> > I already have such a tool (based on objcopy with a small fix for
> > PE->ELF added). See this thread:
> >
> I understand that it may be difficult to fix this in a way the
> binutils maintainers will accept, but in your own words (from that
> thread), the alternative of fixing it in GRUB is a workaround.

Yes, I will remove this hack.

> I think you should really try either fixing BFD or
> working around the problem somewhere else (the runtime ELF loader
> seems like the worst of all the options to me).

Fixing this in BFD is difficult, the PE and ELF backends don't care
about relocation format conversion.

To provide a self-contained package for Cygwin in the future, I will add
the reduced+fixed objcopy to my branch of the source tree and modify
Makefile accordingly.

I don't see any other option which fits into the limited time I have for
this project.


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