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[PATCH] Remote GDB debugging stub (for i386)

From: Lubomir Rintel
Subject: [PATCH] Remote GDB debugging stub (for i386)
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 15:12:25 +0200

Re-sending the GDB stub patch. The GDB protocol part, though being
largely rewritten, originates from GDB source tarball, which refers to
it as a Public Domain code.

Applies against today's CVS.

Is not much of use without debugging symbols, part 2 of patch [1]
preserves those. Neither is it of much use without being able to resolve
load addresses of modules, I will submit the GDB scripts shortly.


Note that I found this hunk [2] lying around from 2006 when I wrote this
on NetBSD. I am not completely sure what does it do, but the changelog
from then suggests, that "grub_gdb_trapvec" from the gdb module was for
some reason resolved to 0 instead of its actual address. It might have
been dependent on the toolchain used, as I am not able to reproduce the
behavior on current Fedora 9.


2008-05-01:  Lubomir Rintel  <address@hidden>

        * conf/i386-pc.rmk: Add gdb module to the list of modules to be built.

        * term/i386/pc/serial.c (serial_hw_put): Let some useful serial
        driver functions be exported.
        (grub_serial_getkey): Likewise

        * kern/dl.c (grub_dl_resolve_symbols): Let the trapvec symbol be
        resolved correctly (instead of 0).

        * kern/i386/pc/startup.S: (prot_idt) Add region descriptor to hold
        protected mode IDT.
        (real_idt) IDT region dsecriptor that works in real mode
        (real_to_prot) Load protected mode idt IDT when returning to
        protected mode.

        * kern/i386/realmode.S: (prot_to_real) Save protected mode IDT and load
        real mode one before switching to real mode.

        * gdb/cstub.c: New file.
        * gdb/gdb.c:  New file.
        * gdb/i386/idt.c: New file.
        * gdb/i386/signal.c: New file.
        * gdb/i386/machdep.S: New file.
        * include/grub/gdb.h: New file.
        * include/grub/i386/gdb.h: New file.
        * include/grub/i386/pc/kernel.h: New file.

Lubomir Rintel (Was: Kundrak)

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