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Booting Linux from coreboot+grub2

From: Patrick Georgi
Subject: Booting Linux from coreboot+grub2
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 14:30:49 +0000 (UTC)
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I just want to report that booting linux from grub2/i386-linuxbios 
doesn't work in my tests.

To solve this, I'd propose to start from the i386-efi loader, which 
(other than the i386-pc loader which is currently used by the linuxbios 
platform) doesn't use the real mode code of linux (which relies on bios 

In my tests, it mostly works (initrd has issues, but linux boots) when 
stripping all the EFI bits, while replacing all memory allocations with 
simple grub_malloc() calls (and not copy the real mode code at all).

That's probably nothing to rely on, given that the 32bit-boot 
specification of linux gives some "hints" on where things should be 

Some more capable memory management functions might help reconcile the 
i386-{efi,ieee1275,linuxbios} loaders eventually, such as a generic way 
to request "page aligned memory in the memory range (x,y) of size z", and 
a generic way to get a memory map. Currently that seems to be done as-
needed in the various loaders.


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