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Re: [PATCH] Drivemap module

From: Javier Martín
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Drivemap module
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 04:29:14 +0200

El jue, 12-06-2008 a las 21:37 -0400, Pavel Roskin escribió: 
> I mean the lines your patch adds.
> (...)
> retVal is still there.  Please call it "ret", it's the traditional name
> of the variable to be returned.
Ok, both of this completely corrected now thanks to Colin's script and
the dear "find/replace" functionality that I miss so much when I'm
handwriting. Didn't realize that retVal was in the "public" file
loader.c. I also made other aesthetic changes based on the output of
`indent', though it seems to distort "continuation" lines in C and
completely borks assembly code. It is also overzealous wrt the 80-char
line rule, breaking many lines with more than 75 chars and seriously
unnerving me - particularly with its strange resetting of nested "if"
blocks to the first indenting level.
> >  Sorry, I work on a wide screen and, tough I tried to
> > uphold the 80-char line rule, I'm not used to it. I think there was a
> > switch in gedit to graphically display the 80-char limit, but I can't
> > find it now...
> Edit->Preferences->View->Right Margin
Thanks! I knew I had seen it before.
> I hope that others will comment on the patch contents.
lol... So do I, because until now we've just been discussing its
aesthetic aspects. I think we don't really need the (cleaned) version of
the patch to discuss its functionality, so I won't waste bandwith
sending updated versions of it if the only change is two tabs and one
variable (unless you devs wanted to commit it right away ^^). Well, I'm
going to call this a night, since it's 4:26 AM and I have an exam
tomorrow... Goodbye!

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