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[PATCH] Loading windows in macbook

From: Bean
Subject: [PATCH] Loading windows in macbook
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 04:11:18 +0800


This patch fix two problem that can cause problem for grub-pc in macbook.

1, In grub-setup, we should skip the first 1024 bytes when comparing
data, as it have previously made change to the buffer with
install_dos_part and install_bsd_part, cause the comparison to fail.
This problem is not showed if the loader can be embedded in mbr.

2. Macbook will halt if we disable a20, so I add a new option
--keep-a20 to keep the a20 gate open.

With this patch, you can chainload windows with the following command:

set root=(hd0,4)
chainloader --keep-a20 +1


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