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Still unable to install grub 2 on my lvm setup

From: Jean-Christophe Haessig
Subject: Still unable to install grub 2 on my lvm setup
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 16:50:22 +0200


I'm still trying to build and use the latest GRUB cvs version when there
seems to be some movement in the LVM field. There was a thread in the ML
three weeks ago and I tried it again, but I still get the same errors as
I got, back in January.

The system can be booted with a floppy where the latest GRUB was
installed, but the same version is unable to install itself on the hard
drive. It tries to «embed» the «core.img» because the root is on LVM,
but reports that there is not enough space to do this.

I'm still puzzled about where GRUB wants to embed this image (after the
boot sector, it seems), but looking at the LVM structures it doesn't
seem to be any room there... Last January I couldn't get a clear answer
about this, neither if what I'm trying to do is even supported.


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